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Apiphiligree #2

Apiphiligree. n. 1: an ornate charm for beekeepers and those who would befriend or protect bees. 2: a reliquary of the Thriae, the three bee-prophets of ancient Greece who scried the future in handfuls of small stones.

Etymology: a Modern English portmanteau derived from apiphile, one who loves bees (from the Latin api, bees, and the Greek philos, love) and filigree, ornate metal lacework sometimes accented with tiny stones or beads (French, originally as filigrane, from the Latin filum, thread and granum, grain or seed).

Glowing Baltic amber from Lithuania is paired with firepolished glass and Swarovski reminiscent of an overgrown garden in late summer. Vines of harvest gold and bright brass swirl around a dainty brass bee with wings outstretched in flight. The pendant hangs from a 42" hand-dyed hand-stiched silk cord which can be tied to any length desired.

10% of the proceeds from the Apiphiligree series will be donated to the honeybee research fund of the New Hampshire Beekeepers' Association.

1 7/8" (47 mm) high, 1 3/8" (35 mm) wide.

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