Earring Club profile survey

Thank you for joining the Wyrding Studios Earring Club! Your first shipment will go out within 10-14 days, and future months are typically shipped within about a week of your rebill date each month.
If you'd like to speed up the process of getting your first shipment in the mail, feel free to copy the survey questions below into an email, answer each of the questions, and send it to kythryne@wyrdingstudios.com. I send the survey to all new subscribers as soon as I see the email from PayPal notifying me of the subscription, but since I'm not online 24/7, that can sometimes take a day or two. If you send it to me with your answers already filled out, I can just go straight to making your first pair of earrings!
 This is the preferences survey that I keep on file and refer to every month when I make your earrings. The more information you give me about your likes and dislikes, the more I can customize your earrings to suit your tastes. Feel free to go into as much detail as you want! You can also always email me to tweak this profile or make special requests.
What is your mailing address? 
What email address should I use for shipping notifications and questions? 
What length of earring do you like - short, medium, long, a mixture? Any limitations on weight or size?
What are your favorite colors? Are there any materials you especially like? Anything you think might be out of the realm of this subscription but that you’d still love to get sometime?
I tend to make use elaborate wirework with plainer beads, or simple wirework with interesting beads. Would you like your earrings to lean more towards one side of that range, or somewhere in the middle, or a mixture?
What metal colors do you like? Do you have any metal allergies?
Are there any colors or materials you don’t like or wouldn’t want to receive?
How do you feel about asymmetrical earrings? If you like them, what degree of asymmetry is okay? If you don’t, are you okay with natural variations in stones, or would you prefer very closely matched pairs of stones or materials such as glass that have little to no variation?
How would you describe your personal style?  Do you have any special requests for earrings that would coordinate with a particular outfit or other jewelry?
Anything else you think I should know?