Unwritten Stories

UPDATE, August 17th, 2015:  I'm putting Unwritten Stories on hiatus while I figure out how to rework the concept so it's both more widely appealing and less overwhelmingly time-consuming for me to implement. The existing chapbooks will still be available for purchase during the hiatus. Thank you for understanding.

I am both a metalworker and a wordsmith, and my work tends to be both interstitial and synesthetic. I've always given names to the pieces of jewelry I make, and it often seems like the names are part of stories or poems that haven't been written yet. Sometimes I write them. Sometimes other people write them. Sometimes they go unwritten.

As of early 2015, I write tiny micropoems/microfiction fragments as I finish each new piece of jewelry. Each fragment gets printed and photographed with the accompanying piece of jewelry, and is sent along with that piece of jewelry when it finds its person.

Once or twice a month, I gather the most recent fragments into a new issue of Unwritten Stories.

I will not be revealing the full text of the fragments online; each one can only be read by the person who purchases that piece of jewelry (and anyone they choose to share it with) or in these mini chapbooks.

These collections are published under a Creative Commons license, and the fragments may be freely used as writing prompts or in any other form of creative work. I would love to see anything you make based on these fragments!

While I am intentionally keeping this a print-based project as an experiment in tangibility, digital plaintext copies are available upon request as an accessibility accommodation, no questions asked.

The print run of most issues will be limited to 50 copies. At the end of the first year, I plan to put together a full-size anthology chapbook containing all of the previous issues plus any fragments I write for commissions and subscriptions, which will not be published separately.

I've wanted to do this project for nearly two years, ever since I returned to writing poetry after my brain surgery. I'm thrilled to finally see it take shape, and I hope you will enjoy it too!