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$5 Surprise Pendants!

$5 Surprise Pendants!

Pick a color, any color (well, almost) and I'll surprise you with a simple drop pendant, similar in style to the ones shown here. Beads may be glass, metal, stone, crystal, or plastic, and the pendants will mostly be in the 1 - 1.5 inch range, although some could be bigger or smaller depending on the bead. They might have bead caps and/or accent beads on one or both ends, they might have a small fwoosh of wire somewhere, or they might just be a bead with a spiral below it and a loop above - I'll go with whatever looks good with each bead.

(If you have metal allergies, just let me know and I will send you pendants that are ONLY wire and non-metal beads.)

Each one comes with an 20” faux leather cord. This is a great way to stock up on gifts ( you need gift bags to go with them?) or round out your jewelry collection! 

The "surprise me!" option means you could get absolutely ANYTHING - including colors not on the list below; "sparkly!" will be glass that does some sort of reflective/rainbow thing, "tricksy" could involve color-shifting glass or stones with something interesting going on in them. 

(If you order more than one of the same color, I will use beads of a different shape, size, or shade so no two pendants in your order are the same.)

BUY FIVE, GET ONE FREE! I'll surprise you with the color - it won't be a duplicate of anything else in your order.  


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