Amethyst crystal points

Beautiful amethyst crystals, all showing deep royal purple coloring. They are drilled so they can easily be made into jewelry, but the holes are small and discrete (to the point of being hard to find - I say this from experience working with them!) and they are also suitable for display as crystal specimens.

I carefully hand-pick all the stones I buy for color, quality, and energy. These are the exact same stones as I would use in my own work and I am happy to make some of them available to you for your crystal collections and/or jewelry making. I hope you will enjoy them!

Amethyst is a stone of stability, strength, sobriety, and peace. It facilitates spirituality and contentment and is excellent for meditation.

Price is per crystal; I will choose one just for you from the assortment shown here. These amethysts average half an inch wide by .75 - 1 inch long. 

$ 5.00