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(MASK PRE-ORDER) Collaboration #2: Medicinal Plants!

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  • Please read carefully because we're doing it a little differently this time: this is part of a limited edition build-your-own-set collaboration. The masks are NOT available on their own, only with the purchase of one or more of the coordinating jewelry items; you will need to add both the mask AND the jewelry item(s) of your choice to your cart before going to checkout.

    We’re doing it again! This medicinal plants-themed fabric has been at the top of our list since we did the plague doctor collaboration, and now that that project is ready to ship, here’s the pre-order for the next one! This time we're doing the masks with different-but-coordinating jewelry: the earrings will have hand-painted lucite leaf beads and the pendants will have hand-painted lucite trumpet flower beads, with accents of vintage glass. As before, you can opt for earrings, pendant, or both! 

    (Go here for the pendants and here for the earrings.)

    Due to high demand and limited quantities, there is a limit of one mask, one pair of earrings, and one pendant per person. They will be released in staggered batches over the next four days, so if something is sold out today, come back tomorrow! (Unless it's Thursday. If it's Thursday and everything is sold out, then we're really and truly sold out.) The first batch will be available at 10 am eastern time on Monday July 13.

    The masks are made from 2 layers of high quality cotton, with a nylon mesh insert to improve their effectiveness at filtering out things you don’t want going up your nose. They have elastic ear loops and are very comfortable to wear. The finished masks shown here are from the plague doctor collaboration, because as previously noted, we don't have the new fabric in our possession yet. 

    (Obligatory disclaimer: these are not N95 masks. They are not approved for medical use, nor do we make any guarantee whatsoever about their efficacy in preventing the transmission of the plague. Wash your hands and take your vitamins and eat your vegetables and stay home as much as possible, please.)

    This is a pre-order; the fabric is printed on demand and that takes 3+ weeks, and then my partner in chaos has to sew all of them and then I have to get them and stuff the into envelopes with the shinies. Expect them to ship NO SOONER than 6-8 weeks from now, and it could take longer depending on how long the fabric takes to ship. Think of it as a pleasant surprise for your future self!

    (You are currently ordering the mask. Go here for the earrings and here for the pendants.)


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