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"but yield who will to their separation/my object in living is to unite
my avocation and my vocation/as my two eyes make one in sight"

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100 days of getting out of my comfort zone

Despite my love of experimenting with unorthodox materials in jewelry, I have a tendency to be very rigid about what colors can go together or how I use certain types of materials. It's more than a little irrational, and it's part of a larger cluster of slightly obsessive brainweasels that I've been battling...

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making space for creativity & parenting

When I bought Magpie House in 2008, I picked the bedroom overlooking the back yard to be my studio. It's a big, airy room with beautiful natural light, and for the first few years I loved working there. Then 2010 - 2015 happened. A lot of you were along for...

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30% off everything, because lawyers and taxes

Today has been ...fun. For the definition of fun that involves having a child home sick with pinkeye, learning I probably need to pay the IRS several thousand dollars more than I expected, and calling my lawyer. (Which is to say that today has not been at all fun, actually, and possibly I have...

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new shinies!

    I just added 15 new shinies to the store - a mix of pendants, earrings, and necklaces, including the the first of this year's April Showers pendants - a classic limited edition that first launched ten years ago! If you browse back a page or two on the Ready To Ship category, you'll also notice...

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