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"but yield who will to their separation/my object in living is to unite
my avocation and my vocation/as my two eyes make one in sight"

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July Instant Gratification signup post

This is the signup post for July's Instant Gratification session! I will be doing simple custom work from approximately 9 am to 5pm on Tuesday, July 7th. Please read this post carefully before placing your request, particularly the parts in bold. If you can describe what you in ONE paragraph and I have the materials...

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store update

30 new items in the store tonight, and I think you'll notice a pretty huge difference in the photos of this week's update: upon hearing that I was having trouble with photography due to hand tremors, my mother-in-law very generously gifted me her old Nikon D5000. I've been happy enough shooting on a Nikon...

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status report

Shipping: a few days behind and I forgot about Memorial Day.  Subscriptions: see above. Website: still working on the update, hoping for tomorrow. Chapbook: published but see above.  Patreon: poems and postcards forthcoming shortly. Commissions: getting caught up slowly. Divorce: finally signed the papers, waiting for a judge to do the...

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how to win at parenting while gimpy

1. Buy the $35 lightweight convertible stick/handheld vacuum you've been meaning to get for a while anyway because using the big vacuum on the stairs always ends with a visit to the chiropractor. 2. While paying for it, casually remark to whiny child that you're not sure if he's quite...

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ethics in jewelry marketing

For the past few weeks I've been reading up on leveraging Instagram as a marketing strategy. In the process of noting what hashtags are being used by jewelry artists with large followers, I keep spotting variants of one word over and over and over again: "gypsy." Every time I see...

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