Wyrding Studios: purveyors of fine art wire jewelry & other bright shiny objects since 2003.

"but yield who will to their separation/my object in living is to unite
my avocation and my vocation/as my two eyes make one in sight"

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Flash Sales! All Day! Just Because!

Good morning, lovely people! I have a very long day of making earrings ahead of me, so to entertain myself, I've decided that today shall be a Day of Random Flash Sales. 1: (8:30am eastern time) First up for the morning people, a coupon code: EARLYBIRD takes 20% off anything...

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Magpie Rewards Program v2.0: entirely paperless!

Say goodbye to trying to keep track of eleventy-three tiny slips of paper, and say hello to a super easy way to earn coupons and other awesome things! The Magpie Rewards Program is now entirely paperless, it's fully integrated into the website, and you'll get 100 bonus points just for...

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Autumn is approaching...

Designing jewelry for the annual Autumn collection is one of my favorite parts of my job - I save up beads and other materials all year long for these pieces. Today's update is just a tiny tease of what I have planned for the next few months. Enjoy!   Today I've...

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A Not-Terribly-Succinct History of Wyrding Studios

Wyrding Studios exists in a state of continuous evolution. It began in 2003 when I took up wireworking, became my full-time job on a folding table in a corner of my Manhattan apartment, and spent a year traveling the country in an RV before settling in New Hampshire in 2007. I have worked out of basements, bedrooms, on cross-country trains and kitchen tables. I sold jewelry online since before Etsy existed. Some years I ran everything single-handedly, some years I had marvelous assistants; I spent all of 2011 working with a baby slung on my back or sprawled across my lap. These days, it's just me, with occasional "help" from one or more four-year-olds and/or cats. Read more →