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15 October 2021

2021 Holiday Shipping Deadlines

I know, I know, it's not even Halloween yet, enough already with the holiday stuff, but... supply chain issues abound, the USPS is still a hot mess a lot of the time, my health remains extremely unpredictable, and Hanukkah is annoyingly early this year, so: deadlines.

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1 October 2021

Post-vacation round-up

So a whole lot of things got stressful all at once at the end of August, and on August 31st I just… kind of completely lost my ability to cope, as evidenced by this set of texts I sent to a friend: 

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3 September 2021

On Vacation

Earlier this week I realized that stress was eating me alive, because, well… *handwaves vaguely at everything* and when I found myself sitting at my desk trying to work but instead texting a friend that I was going to stress-buy an entire litter of Labrador puppies and quit my job and move into the woods to become a feral bog witch I decided that just possibly mmmmmmmaybe I needed a break.
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