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11 November 2022

2022 holiday shipping deadlines

It's that time again! These dates are based on a combination of the official USPS deadlines and my current turnaround times, but I highly recommend NOT waiting until the last minute because *gestures at everything* so:
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30 October 2022

time has lost all meaning

Y’all, time has lost all meaning. I know it’s autumn because my yard is covered in leaves and I had to turn on the heat and find my hoodies, but I could swear it was July like… yesterday? 
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1 June 2022

Shipping delays

So I got covid again and while it wasn’t nearly as bad as my 2020 infection thanks to vaccines and antivirals, it still knocked me on my butt for over a week. I’ve been mostly symptom-free since Monday, and am theoretically back at work today, but I keep having to stop and rest every couple of hours. Zero stars, do not recommend.
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21 March 2022

shipping rate increase

I've put it off as long as I could, but... postage prices keep climbing, so as of today, first class shipping is going up to $4.25, with free shipping kicking in at $40. 

(As always, you can use coupon code COMBINE if you already have an order hanging out in my shipping queue, or if you have a monthly subscription and don't mind waiting until your next shipment to get whatever you're ordering.)

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