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26 May 2020

spring cleaning sale! also assorted update

So... yeah. Still working on the whole "trying to get back to normal after COVID-19" thing, and, uh... I'm getting better at being realistic about how much I can't do, at least? A few days ago I came to the very disconcerting realization that this is actually taking longer and affecting me significantly more than recovering from brain surgery did, so that put things in perspective a little.
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14 April 2020

Status report: all systems finally normal!

Three weeks to the day after I woke up with no sense of taste or smell, things finally feel normal around hereI triaged my shipping queue on Sunday and most pending orders went out yesterday, with the rest going out this afternoon; from here on out I expect shipping to be more or less normal and new shinies should start showing up tomorrow or maybe even later today if I drink enough coffee. 
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9 April 2020

Status Report: on the mend?

I have now managed to go 36 hours without my fever returning! Halfway to freedom! This is very exciting and hopefully I haven't just jinxed myself.

I've also managed to get most of the website sorted out, and have support tickets in for a couple of things that I haven't been able to get working properly, so that's progress...

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