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26 December 2022

End of year clearance sale!

As is the tradition, almost everything is now on sale, and I will no doubt get up to all sorts of additional shenangans before the year is out. The discount currently stands at 25% off, and will go up as we get closer to the end of the sale. Keep an eye on social media for additional deals...
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11 November 2022

2022 holiday shipping deadlines

It's that time again! These dates are based on a combination of the official USPS deadlines and my current turnaround times, but I highly recommend NOT waiting until the last minute because *gestures at everything* so:
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30 October 2022

time has lost all meaning

Y’all, time has lost all meaning. I know it’s autumn because my yard is covered in leaves and I had to turn on the heat and find my hoodies, but I could swear it was July like… yesterday? 
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