Privacy Policy

I will never sell, trade, loan, barter, or otherwise distribute your personal information to anyone else for any reason, unless I am subpoenaed for it, and if that ever happens it will be because you used a stolen credit card or something equally sus, so just don’t do that and it won’t be an issue.

Your personal information is used only to ship the order to you and sometimes to email you if I have a question. If you opt into my newsletter, you’ll get occasional rambling emails that may or may not have cat pictures, and you might get a slightly creepy automated email offering you a coupon code if you haven’t ordered anything in a while or if you leave stuff in your cart for a couple of days.

If someone asks me to help pick out a gift for you, I will make suggestions based on your order history and/or subscription preferences profile, but I won’t tell them how many labradorite pendants you already own or anything like that. I also won’t tell them where you live or how to reach you because if they don’t already know there’s probably a reason.

Also I never see any of your credit card information when you place an order online using one of the payment gateways I have on my site. In the extremely rare case that I need to take a credit card number over the phone, I can confidently say that I will forget it instantly; I have brain damage and barely manage to remember my own phone number most of the time. And for the love of little fishes please do not email me (or anyone else) your credit card number, mmmkay?