Art Credits

The "Meet the Artist" portrait is by Sara Murtos.

The Wyrding Studios logo is by Jennifer Williamson.

The artwork on the Smol Panther stickers is by Pablo Martinez.

The artwork on the "Purveyors of Shinies" stickers is by R.M. Lemberg.

The artwork on the "MINE!" dragon is by Caitlin Walsh.

The "Commissions are open" graphic is a stock image by Yuliya Pauliukevich on that was edited in Procreate to include additional details.

The artwork on the Labradorite Labrador stickers was done by Claire Aisling using stock images from Vecteezy.

Photos used throughout the website are by Brooklyn Rae Logan, Tim Clark, or Kythryne Aisling. All product photos are by Kythryne Aisling.