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Instagram Giveaway

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Gift certificates are back!

It's been a long wait, but gift certificates are finally back. When somebody asks what to get you, the answer just got a lot easier - send them here

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New Shinies!

Lots of new shinies just got added to the store! Roman glass in blues, greens, and amber; leaf pendants, pearls and shells, crystals, dangly earrings, and more. 

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status update

Wyrding Studios is now up and running on an ecommerce platform called Shopify, which I hope will be a better experience for you as well as for me.  In 2014 and early 2015 I used an ecommerce platform/marketplace called Storenvy, which had to be abruptly abandoned last week due to serious technical issues that they refused to address.  I had already been planning to make the move, but not under this sort of time pressure; thank you for your patience during the unexpected downtime this weekend.

If you created an account on Storenvy, please note that those accounts were not (and can not be) transferred to the new system. You have the option to create a new account or to shop as a guest; creating an account will make the checkout process faster and also allow you to view your order history from this point forward.

I have moved all of the unsold 2015 inventory and neckvines into the new system, and will be transferring clearance items and coupon codes over the next week or two. Right now there are a lot of placeholder pages, and no links to either the 2003 - 2013 archive or the 2014 archive; I plan to resolve those issues as soon as I can. Miles is on school vacation all next week so my work time will unfortunately be somewhat limited. 

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Under renovation, please pardon the chaos

Due to technical issues with our former ecommerce provider, I was forced to abruptly move Wyrding Studios onto to a new sales platform this weekend. 

I'm presently in the process of moving inventory into the new system, and I have placeholder pages in place for most of the rest of the site. Thank you for your patience while I get everything back up and running! 

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