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Extremely Random Box of Random Stuff

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  • If you liked the grab bags I offer, here’s an even more chaotic offer for you: a Priority Mail small flat-rate box stuffed to the brim with… uh… stuff?

    I’ve actually had this box sitting around ever since I did those destash boxes when I moved the studio downstairs; I don’t remember if it just didn’t sell or if I never put it on the website, but I found it today while I was clearing off some shelves. So I added one of the aforementioned grab bags (although sans the headlines and ear wires, because I forgot) and then I literally walked around for a bit looking for more weird stuff to toss in and occasionally cackling to myself. Contents include:

    • some really strange stuff from that time I let an AI order random cheap things for me on eBay and AliExpress
    • a couple of clear bangle bracelets
    • several bear-themed items
    • a bag of colorful flat oval things that I think are supposed to be abstract leaves? 
    • a couple of polymer clay… bowls? plates? that I used to use to sort beads but the cats kept using them for midnight hockey games so now I have heavy wooden trays that don’t make good hockey pucks
    • an amethyst pendant made by my ex during the approximately three hours she decided that she was also a professional jewelry artist and while I could take it apart for the beads (which are nice) I just… *handwaves vaguely* 
    • some gold-colored wire of questionable quality 
    • a bag full of gold-toned… buttons? I’m not sure what they are but there are a bunch of them 
    • a bag of assorted tarnished sterling silver French hook earwires that I can’t use because I removed them from a batch of earrings that a customer sent to me to have converted into leverbacks, and while I once upon a time would have just used them for my own earrings (after soaking them in peroxide for a while, obvs) but I now also only wear leverbacks, so…
    • a blue glass pendant I bought from Kate Holly-Clark pendant way back in 2006 that’s really pretty but I’ve never actually worn it so it should go live with somebody else
    • a pair of not-exactly-matching earrings that I made at some point, slightly the worse for wear and only one of them has an earwire
    • a glass bottle full of little scraps of paper and bits of obsolete storage media from that time in 2008 or 2009 when Silver Hawthorn and I did a collaboration about memory and data loss
    • a single earring that I think is a banana?

    …I know there’s more but I can’t remember and the box is already taped closed so it will be a surprise for both of us! The box weighs a pound and a half and the price includes shipping. 

    (Salad and tea not included, although if there’s a Trader Joe’s near you and you haven’t tried the broccoli and kale slaw kit yet, I recommend fixing that at the earliest opportunity)

    $ 35.00
    Item #destash box
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