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Grab Bags

Grab Bags

Arrrrrr! Here be some mighty fine loot!

These grab bags weigh around 5oz each, and contain a generous half-cup scoop of extremely random goodness. There is ALL sorts of stuff in this mix - basically, if I have too much of something, it gets chucked into this bin. There could be just about anything in here - beads, tumbled stones, glass, metal, crystal, stone, plastic, pearls, shells, wood, watch parts… and as I got down to the bottom of the bin, there's also some cat hair, because I have Very Halpful Cats. I tried to pick out as much as I could, but if you have severe allergies, this is probably not the thing for you, sorry.

(If you want a bag with no shells or pearls or other animal products, just reply to your order confirmation email and let me know, and I will go through your scoop and replace anything I spot with vegan-friendly items.)

This particular batch of bags are guaranteed to contain the following items in every single bag: one pair of handmade headpins (dead soft enameled silver wire, approximately 4 inches long), at least one pair of interesting beads suitable for earrings (usually more than one pair), one pair of earwires, a really lovely vintage amber chandelier crystal, and a cute little vintage lock charm. The photos show a few different sample scoops.

(Basically, for $10 plus shipping you get a pair of DIY earrings plus a whole bunch of other fun stuff!)

These bags are heavy and bulky - I can fit a maximum of two grab bags with no jewelry items OR one grab bag plus jewelry items into my normal first class packaging.

If you want to buy three or more grab bags OR if you are buying jewelry in addition to two or more bags, please select the Priority Mail shipping option at checkout.  

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