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Barren Trees - design-your-own

Barren Trees - design-your-own

Did somebody already buy the one you wanted? Or do you want multiple colors in a single tree? Your wish is my command!

You will receive one tree pendant in the style of those shown, accented with tiny gemstone beads. You can ask for specific colors, or specific stones, or - if you’re really feeling adventurous - just tell me to surprise you! 

(In the unlikely event that I don’t have the stones you request, I’ll contact you and we can discuss alternative options.)

Please allow 2-4 additional days for this customized item to ship. 

Obligatory fine print because I don’t want anybody getting mad at me later: the photos of the Box of Happiness, the box of opals, and previous pendants in this series are for illustrative purposes only, to show examples of the stones I have available and the sort of pendant you will receive. The Box of Happiness and the opals aren’t for sale and while I’m certainly willing to make six pendants for you if that’s what you want, it will cost significantly more than $50…

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