Jewelry Display Tutorial

In this free tutorial, I'll show you how to make a beautiful, sturdy wall-hanging organizer to display your jewelry. With just a hammer and a few simple materials, you can make these jewelry holders in less than an hour... for under $5! (Or maybe even less, because if you're crafty, you probably already have most of the materials.)

You will need:

• pine boards in a size of your choice
• sheets of scrapbook paper large enough to cover the boards
• gluestick or spray adhesive or modgepodge
• ribbon in a color of your choice (to hold earrings)
• upholstery tacks (to attach the ribbon)
• small brass nails (to hold pendants)
• cup hooks (to hold necklaces and bracelets)
• picture hanger brackets
• sandpaper
• hammer
• credit card or small plastic scraper
• paint and a small paintbrush (optional)

 Start with a piece of pine shelving - I went to Home Depot and bought a 1x12x4 board for about $8, which I had them cut into four equal pieces. Lightly sand the edges if necessary, and if desired, paint the sides. I used glitter paint, because my world can not have enough glitter.

Apply the adhesive of your choice evenly across the entire board. I used a gluestick, but you could also use a spray adhesive or modgepodge.

Press a sheet of scrapbook paper carefully onto the board. You could also use wrapping paper or wallpaper to cover a larger board. (Fabric would also work, as long as you use an adhesive that can be used to bond fabric to wood.)

 Smooth out any wrinkles or air bubbles with the credit card or scraper. If the paper is larger than the board, you can either trim off the excess or fold it around the edges and glue it down.

To hold earrings, cut a length of ribbon to the width of your board. Use upholstery tacks to hold the ribbon securely in place at either end and in the center.

To hold pendants, tap in small nails at a slight upwards angle. Use just a few spread out across the board if you have large pendants, or space them narrowly if you have many small pendants.

Customize the board to suit your jewelry collection! If you have mostly earrings, use several rows of ribbons and just put a few nails or hooks along the bottom of the board. If you have all pendants, go crazy with the nails. For bracelets, pendants on chains or cords, or necklaces, screw in cuphooks along the lower edge of the board.

Once you have the front of the board finished to your liking, flip it over and hammer the hanging bracket at the center about half an inch from the edge. Then hang it on your wall and put your shinies on display!

I spent less than $17 on materials, and I still have enough boards and nails left to make two more displays, for a total cost of under $5 each. It took me about an hour to make these two.

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I'd love to see what you make! If you send me a photo of your Wyrding Studios jewelry collection on a display made from this tutorial, I will send you a coupon code for 15% off your next order.

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You may use this tutorial to make an unlimited number of jewelry displays for any purpose, including resale or charitable fundraising, but please do not redistribute the tutorial itself. If you would like to share this tutorial with friends, please direct them to this page.