Limited Time Offer!

Hey there - thanks for taking a break from doomscrolling to click on my link! I know you’ve already scrolled past eleventy-seven other ads today, so I’ll get right to the sales pitch: 

I’ll give you a pair of my handmade earrings if you give me $5 to (mostly) cover the costs of sending them to you. No strings attached, no sneaky subscriptions, no fine print.

(Okay, yes, there will one very half-assed attempt at upselling on the next page, but the “no thanks, just the $5 pair” button will be super obvious.) 


So why am I doing this? I think this is where I’m supposed to say something like “to get more of my art out into the world and spread happiness and light and love” but the real answer is that last year my returning customer rate was a staggeringly high 71.43%… so if you like your $5 earrings, there’s a really good chance you’ll come back to buy more shiny things from me at some point in the future.


(But also yes, the world is a giant dumpster fire at the moment and if you can’t make your own dopamine, storebought is fine.)




Who are you, anyway? I’m Kythryne Aisling and I’ve been making jewelry and selling it on my own website for the past 20 years. (Etsy didn’t even exist when I started out.) I’m a one-woman circus: I make the jewelry, photograph it, get it on my website, pack orders, order supplies, make videos for tiktok, try to remember to post on Instagram, and generally juggle whatever needs to be done while tripping over dogs, homeschooling a tweenager, and consuming far too much caffeine.


I have sensitive ears. Will these make my skin turn green?


They shouldn’t! I use high quality sterling silver earwires, and the vast majority of my customers do just fine with them. However, if you can’t wear sterling silver, I do also offer the option to upgrade to titanium or steel earwires.


How soon will I get these?


Since I’m making every single pair by hand and I only have one set of hands, it could take a day or three before I’m able to ship. Once I hand the package off to USPS it’s usually 3-5 days to delivery.


I don’t like these earrings. Can I get something else for $5 instead?


Nope, sorry, but you can sign up for my mailing list (which I rarely remember to use) and get 20% off almost anything on my site.


Will you ship internationally?


Absolutely, but hooooboy it’s expensive these days - $15 to Canada and $20 to everywhere else.