Pretty Rocks Club samples

Curious about what sort of pieces you might receive in your Pretty Rocks Club shipments? It will vary from month to month depending on exactly what materials I’m using - I usually try to include at least two forms of the featured stone, unless it's something that's very uniform in appearance - but here are a few examples that I made using materials from previous years to give you an idea of what to expect. The value of the pieces will always be at least $35, based on my normal prices.




Pendant & simple earrings:

Neckvine-style necklace: 

After you sign up, you’ll be sent a survey that will ask what types of jewelry pieces you’d want to receive - some people pick just one thing, like all pendants or all earrings; others will ask for a specific ratio, like “mostly pendants, a few bracelets, one or two pairs of earrings”; and some just select everything they’d be willing to wear and leave it up to me to decide what to make. You can also tell me if you prefer certain sizes or weights and if you like asymmetry or if it makes you twitchy, and I’ll keep those preferences in mind as I’m working every month.

While I can’t fully customize these pieces in terms of always being able to avoid certain colors or materials (since everybody gets the same exact materials, which are chosen at the beginning of the year) I will do my best to send you things that I think you will enjoy wearing.

In addition to the shinies, each shipment contains a note about that month’s materials, and some months I’ll also include small pieces of stone rough or other related items so you can see what that month’s stone looks like before it’s cut and polished, or so you can see it in a form that’s unsuited to being used in jewelry.