Return Policy

Don't love it? Send it back. That's it, that's basically the whole return policy.

...okay, there are a couple of exceptions and some fine print, but if you aren't happy with the item you ordered, you can send it back to me (within 30 days, in unworn condition, and in the original packaging, please) and I will be happy to issue a refund or store credit. Just email me and let me know what's wrong and I'll make it right.

If your item was damaged in transit, or has vanished into the depths of the postal service never to be seen again? I'll replace it if I can, or give you a refund or store credit if I can't. Again, just email me and let me know what's wrong and I'll make it right.


  • Commissions are non-returnable; if you aren't happy with what I made for you, you need to tell me that BEFORE you pay for it and have it shipped. I will never be offended if you don't like what I made; 99% of the time I can just toss a rejected commission into a future store update and someone else will promptly pounce upon it. There are rare occasions where I can't do that, but in those cases I send sketches and progress photos and give you lots of opportunities to ask for changes to be made.

  • Subscriptions are generally non-returnable, but if I send you something you really hate - which I try very hard not to do! - or accidentally duplicate a previous month - which I also try very hard not to do! - just tell me and I'll make it right. You can also ask to update your preference profile at any time if your tastes change or you decide you have enough blue earrings or whatever.

Fine print: you need to let me know that you're returning something, and you're responsible for the cost of shipping it back. It needs to be sent back in the original packaging or in something equivalent; if it's damaged on the return trip due to poor packaging, that's a you problem, not a me problem.

Lastly: if I notice that you keep buying things and then returning them, I may politely suggest that you find a jewelry artist whose work is more to your liking and/or gently remind you that borrowing jewelry for special occasions is typically the sort of thing you do with your bestie or your relatives, NOT indie businesses.