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Wyrding Studios is 11 years old! I still boggle at that. 

As is the tradition, I am once again celebrating by putting a whole lot of stuff on sale, and offering some super-special deals, and this year there's even a hidden sale and a scavenger hunt of sorts

Here's what we have so far:

  1. A sale! Coupon code ELEVENSES takes 25% off EVERYTHING. Yes, EVERYTHING. In addition to sale prices and any other discounts you might find, and speaking of which, I'll probably be tossing a few more things into clearance over the course of the week[1].

  2. $5 Surprise Earrings are back, and I'll particularly call your attention to the latest option I've added when it comes to picking a color, because there will be some nifty beads in that category. 

  3. If you've been contemplating joining the Earring Club, now would be a super great time to do that. Maybe not super great like these pictures of dogs, but super great anyway. 

  4. Something is on a really good sale, but I'm not telling you what and you'll need to go look for it because there's nothing like looking if you want to find something. Although if you think back to last year you might know what it is.

  5. Speaking of finding things, there's a scavenger hunt. First you have to figure out the theme of it, and then you have to find all 11 clues relating to that theme. The clues are all bits of text, and they're scattered around the entire site - some are on the static pages with lots of text, some are in the descriptions of things you can buy, and at least one may or may not be in this blog post somewhere[2].

    When you think you've figured it out, email me (kythryne at wyrdingstudios dot com) and tell me what 11 clues you've found - the first person (by email timestamps) to find all 11 gets a surprise shiny in their favorite color and an $11 coupon code! Everybody else who finds all 11 gets an $11 coupon code. 

  6. STICKERS ZOMG STICKERS YAY. So a couple of years ago Rose Lemberg drew me this adorable little magpie doodle, and the other day I asked them if I could maybe make stickers out of it, and they said yes, and YAY STICKERS WERE ORDERED AND STICKERS ARE HERE AND STICKERS GO INTO EVERY PACKAGE STARTING RIGHT NOW and continues until I run out, which will take a while because, um, I got a lot of them so you might get more than one in which case you can give one to your friend or put it on your cat[3] or something. 

  7. See those candy-colored[4] earrings in the bottom drawer? You get a pair of those with orders over $50. Just sayin'. Oh, and free shipping if you're in the US. Sorry, everybody else, I know your shipping rates are incredibly obnoxious. But I'll still send you free earrings and hopefully customs won't decide to take "a gift for you" literally when they read it. 

  8. There is no #8. I just wanted to see if you were still reading.

I will probably come up with some other things to do as the week goes along, because I do that. There might be an Instant Gratification session on Friday, for instance.[5]

Thank you all for 11 amazing, rollercoastery (shut up that is too a word now), wonderful, and very shiny years... [abrupt pause in typing while I investigate the sound of chairs falling over in the dining room] ...ANYBODY WANT A CAT WHO'S PROBABLY POSSESSED BY DEMONS? 

There were four folding chairs here. Now there are only two.

1. The sale runs through Tuesday November 7th. Hopefully the apocalypse will not be upon us on November 8th. Please go vote.

2. But I'm not telling you where or exactly how many there may or may not be because that would defeat the purpose. 

3. I am not responsible for any bloodshed resulting from putting a sticker on your cat. However, if you do so, please send me a photo. Thank you.

4. Please do not eat the earrings. They are not actually made of candy and I don't think they would be tasty. However, the things in the middle drawer are candy, and as you may already know, everybody gets a piece of interesting and/or delicious candy. Don't worry, none of it is durian fruit, I'm not that evil.

5. You never know. And neither do I.