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did I mention there's a sale happening?

There is totally a sale happening. By the end of the day I expect to actually be able to fit everything into the inventory bins again, which will no doubt disappoint the cats.

(Many things disappoint the cats, so don't feel too sorry for them.)

An unexpected bonus of doing the sale during school vacation week is that I was able to put a certain six-year-old to work. $2 an hour plus a granola bar is apparently the going rate for child labor these days. That seems entirely reasonable, especially considering that it also doubles as reading practice...

(And hand-eye coordination. A few more of these, and she'll be as much of a pro at setting up Priority boxes as I am...)

The sale continues through Sunday night, and I might get in a markdown sort of mood over the weekend. We'll see how loopy I am by then. I'm no longer popping sudafed like candy and am considerably less perky-stream-of-conciousness as a result, and being a single parent during school vacation is basically like running a marathon for a week straight, only with more whining.

*blink* My folk music Pandora station just jumped from Joan Baez to Nat King Cole WHAT ARE THEIR ALGORITHMS SMOKING? 

...I'm going to go make the child pack up some more orders now. If you want to grab something, we'll be going to the post office around 4:30... coupon code APRIL takes 30% off everything. JUST SAYIN'.

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overflow sale and also some cats

(Preemptive TL;dr: coupon code APRIL takes 30% off everything, go buy some shinies, linear thinking is hard, sudafed is one of the great miracles of the universe, cats are jerks.)

You know how some companies will say "our inventory is overflowing" and you're pretty sure it's just hyperbole? 

Around here, things are literally overflowing. One of the cats has slight kleptomaniac tendencies and keeps trying to steal things out of this basket, and I keep telling him DUDE YOUR EARS AREN'T EVEN PIERCED AND ALSO YOU'RE A CAT YOU DON'T NEED  EARRINGS but he doesn't seem convinced.

Or maybe he's just a very fuzzy dragon with no wings? I don't know. 

ANYWAY. The problem is that we have a few too many shinies, and you know what that means, right?

(No, it doesn't mean that I should probably stop buying beads. HUSH.)

IT MEANS WE'RE HAVING A SALE, which is a fancy way of saying I'm delegating this problem to you. Once the earrings or whatever are in your house, it becomes YOUR problem to figure out how to keep cats from stealing them. I'm guessing that will be easiest if you don't have any cats. Or small children. Or roommates. Or birds. Or friends.

...sorry, I've been reading Seanan McGuire novels again which tends to be contagious HA I'M HILARIOUS and also possibly I'm operating entirely on sudafed and caffeine and shouldn't be allowed to have words or the internet.

What was I saying? Right, sale. Coupon code. Cheapness. THINGS! [vague handwaving] 

Through the end of April, everything is 30% off with coupon code APRIL. Which I think means you can afford to buy 30% more jewelry? I don't know, I'm bad at math, which probably also explains why I ran out of inventory bags last week. 

Here, have a bonus cat photo since I can't figure out a graceful way to wrap up this post. This cat doesn't usually steal earrings but the other day a roommate walked into the dining room right as I was yelling "WHY DID YOU BITE THE ROLL OF INVENTORY LABELS?" at the table and he wasn't even concerned, which tells you a lot about what it's like to live here. 

(Black cats are really hard to photograph, especially if they're under a table and you're brandishing a roll of chewed-up thermal labels in your other hand.)

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Letters from the Underworld


So I have this batch of labradorite with amazing little flashes of fire, but it lights up at odd angles so it's really hard to photograph, and I haven't been using it much. Which is a shame, because it's beautiful. And it's been a long cold snowy winter and spring here, and I'm trying to dig my way back up to the light, and for some reason labradorite always reminds me of underworld/rebirth mythology, and well, symbolism. 

I decided to do something different with it - I made 20 really simple earrings. You can order 1, 2, 3, 7 - whatever you want. I'll reach into the bag and pull out however many earrings you ordered, completely at random. Much like life, you won't know exactly what you're getting into until it arrives at your door, and even then it will probably surprise you. There are a lot of stories and possibly also at least one poem in these stones. I'm working on writing one of them and I'll post it here when it's done, but if you write something I'd love to have the honor of reading it... 

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temptation, thy name is... Earring Club

As you may or may not know, for the past nine or ten years (I'm slightly uncertain when I actually started doing this) I've been making a lot of earrings every month for a little thing that I verrrrrry creatively named the Earring Club. (Catchy, yes?)

The Earring Club is a lot of fun, because you get new shinies in the mail every single month just like magic, and I get an excuse to buy new beads on a very regular basis.

(Oh who am I kidding, I'd do that anyway. But if you're in the Earring Club you frequently get to see new beads before anybody else does, and sometimes I buy small quantities of special beads juuuuuust for the Earring Club.)

Not a subscriber already? We can fix that. For the next four days, use coupon code NEW when you sign up to get $10 off your first shipment.

I don't offer discounts on the Earring Club often - I think the last one was probably at least a year ago, so if you've been considering joining, you should do that between now and Friday. Just sayin'.


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new shinies & a springtime sale!

Happy Spring! There's still rather a lot of snow on the ground here in New Hampshire, but today was a beautiful sunny day - I went for a 2.5 mile walk with a friend at lunchtime today and it was gloriously warm. If it hadn't been slightly windy I wouldn't even have needed the light leather jacket I grabbed on my way out of the house. 

I made a bunch of new shinies last week and finally got them up on the website today, and in the process I discovered that I am extremely low on empty inventory bags, which means there are too many shinies in the inventory bins right now. Which means it's time for a sale! Coupon code YAYSPRING will take $15 off any order of $75 or more, through this coming Friday. 

I'm also thinking it might be time for an Instant Gratification session soon. Not this week, probably, but maybe next week? We'll see. 

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