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15 February 2023

February Newsletter

20 new shinies just landed on the website, including the first batch of pieces using the new weaving and coiling techniques that I've been experimenting with this month.
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28 January 2023

January Newsletter

One of my 2023 business resolutions was “actually send out monthly emails” and it’s still January for three more days so I’m counting this as a win. 
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26 December 2022

End of year clearance sale!

As is the tradition, almost everything is now on sale, and I will no doubt get up to all sorts of additional shenangans before the year is out. The discount currently stands at 25% off, and will go up as we get closer to the end of the sale. Keep an eye on social media for additional deals...
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11 November 2022

2022 holiday shipping deadlines

It's that time again! These dates are based on a combination of the official USPS deadlines and my current turnaround times, but I highly recommend NOT waiting until the last minute because *gestures at everything* so:
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30 October 2022

time has lost all meaning

Y’all, time has lost all meaning. I know it’s autumn because my yard is covered in leaves and I had to turn on the heat and find my hoodies, but I could swear it was July like… yesterday? 
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1 June 2022

Shipping delays

So I got covid again and while it wasn’t nearly as bad as my 2020 infection thanks to vaccines and antivirals, it still knocked me on my butt for over a week. I’ve been mostly symptom-free since Monday, and am theoretically back at work today, but I keep having to stop and rest every couple of hours. Zero stars, do not recommend.
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21 March 2022

shipping rate increase

I've put it off as long as I could, but... postage prices keep climbing, so as of today, first class shipping is going up to $4.25, with free shipping kicking in at $40. 

(As always, you can use coupon code COMBINE if you already have an order hanging out in my shipping queue, or if you have a monthly subscription and don't mind waiting until your next shipment to get whatever you're ordering.)

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3 December 2021

Friday wrap-up and Pretty Rocks Club

Hello world! I've spent most of the past two weeks hiding in a dark room pretending my head doesn't exist, so with the exception of Pretty Rocks Club, there's not a whole lot to report at the moment. So, let's talk about Pretty Rocks Club!
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