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1 November 2020

15th Anniversary Sale!

15 years ago I started a business with a brand-new set gof Lindstrom pliers, a relatively small quantity of beads, and a folding table in one corner of my living room - note the conspicuous lack of words like "business plan" or "any idea what I was doing" in that list. I've been figuring it out as I go along ever since, and I am so, SO grateful to everyone who's supported me along the way.
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28 October 2020

2020 Holiday shipping deadlines

This is the earliest I've ever posted shipping deadlines, and I know nobody wants to be thinking about Hanukkah/Christmas/etc yet, but given the unprecedented USPS delays I've been experiencing and my extremely unpredictable health, here we go:
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16 October 2020

Rainy day reflections

Fifteen years ago yesterday was my first day of Not Dealing With That Drama Ever Again! Or as we now call it, the Official Anniversary of Wyrding Studios, which isn't actually observed until November 1st Because Reasons. 
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10 August 2020

weekly roundup: how the heck is it August?

I don't even know anymore, y'all. I just don't. 

So, HI! I'm still alive. More or less. Still recovering from COVID, still coughing a lot (apologies to the people I scared on one of my last livestreams, I promise I was not actually anywhere near as close to dying as I apparently sounded) and still making shinies as best I can. Here's a quick roundup of various things of note at the moment: 

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