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6 April 2020

Status Report: nope, still not working

So I'm mostly recovered from the plague! This is excellent! Or it would be, if not for the fact that I kept thinking I was fine and then I'd take my temperature and the low-grade fever would be back, and then I'd say bad words and grumpily add another 72 hours onto how long it would be before I could even consider going back to work. Apparently this is a fun feature of the very end of mild COVID-19 cases? 
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1 April 2020

Status Report: still not working

Remember how I very optimistically said maybe I'd work on writing tutorials or overhauling the website last week? Uh, yeah, I wildly overestimated my ability to function while fighting off the plague. Basically, I spent an entire week just... being flat, and occasionally being able to focus long enough to read or talk to people.
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25 March 2020

Status Report: well, THAT happened.

Okay. So. First of all: I AM OKAY and I have every intention of staying that way. But.

I began showing symptoms consistent with the milder cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday morning. (In hindsight they actually started mid-day Monday, but it wasn’t at all obvious - more on that in a bit.)

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23 March 2020

Weekly Roundup: Quarantine Edition

So today is basically just a repeat of last week, which is good because today was a hair washing day and since I haven’t bothered with anything more than throwing my damp hair into a bun since... uh, mid-January? I decided to actually Do My Hair today and thus my entire morning involved arguing with my hair and styling implements. (I am in fact typing this on my phone with one hand while the other hand is doing the diffusing thing in hopes that my hair will be mostly dry by bedtime.) Also I may have lost an argument with a towel and I don’t want to talk about it. 
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