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The update is small in quantity - just a dozen items - but includes what may be the single biggest thing I've ever made:

...yep. The Mermaid Crown is done. It took weeks. I have no regrets.

(There's other stuff in tonight's update too, including a new Sundering Persophone piece and a tektite and meteorite pendant.)

In other news, I have been attempting to learn how to do TikTok,with varying degrees of success. (If you want to see videos of the Mermaid Crown at various stages of construction, you'll find them there.) I'm old enough that images and fancy fonts in emails still seem like heresy, but apparently video marketing is Where It's At for small businesses now, so... I must grumpily adapt, I guess.

Anyway. If you are also on the TikityTok, I'm putting videos there more or less daily, and I just today got enough followers that I can start going live, which isn't an intimidating thought at ALL, nope. (I'm also recycling a lot of the videos onto my other social media.)

...and the app that I use to send newsletters has now crashed no fewer than three times, so that's all for now. Shinies! Tiktok! Bye!

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