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Final days of the anniversary sale! Also ARGH MERCURY RETROGRADE AGAIN ALREADY

Anybody over the past two weeks: "Hey Kyth how's your day/week/month going?"

Me: "#%&*$^#@! MERCURY RETROGRADE!!!1!"

Yesterday I managed to misplace my chainnose pliers, which might not sound too bad because surely I own many pairs of pliers, right? YES, YES I DO but the chainnose ones are used in every single piece I make, which means that I effectively can not work without them. After tearing the house apart for an hour and a half - including going through the trash three times and even looking in the refrigerator and dishwasher and the medicine cabinet because I'd exhausted pretty much every other possibility - I eventually found them in the box where I store photography backdrops. How did they get there? I HAVE NO IDEA.

And then today I tried to do markdowns! Which was apparently too much of a challenge for my elderly MacBook, because the spinny rainbow beachball of doom promptly appeared for several minutes every time I tried to load a page! Oh and also my car's airbags have been recalled! IT'S ALL VERY EXCITING AND I WOULD LIKE A LITTLE LESS EXCITEMENT PLEASE.

*deep breath* ...if you need me I'll just be over here with the hematite and obsidian for a while.

Anyway! I did eventually convince my computer to behave, and many markdowns have been done and there are a couple of REALLY good deals in the clearance section as a result. Plus a whole lot of $14 earrings, so if you like earrings or you know people who like earrings this might be a good time to stock up. All the rest of the anniversary sale stuff is still going on too, including coupon code 14YAY for $14 off $41+ and the $14 mystery pendants.

(The sale ends at 11:59 eastern time on Thursday, though, so don't dawdle or you might turn into a pumpkin.)

...I really am going to go play with hematite and obsidian for the rest of my work day. I particularly need to restock a few of these new designs, because apparently I'm not the only person who's very DONE with this month. 

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Tuesday Afternoon Roundup: OH HEY WS TURNED 14

A haiku about being an adult, swiped from a Facebook meme:

I am so tired
where did all my money go
my back is hurting

In any given year there's about a 50/50 chance that I'll either get very sick right before the WS anniversary sale should start or that I will just... completely forget about it. This year I did both! With a bonus hand injury and also a major home renovation project that required me to play Tetris with all of the furniture on the first floor! *facepalm*


(I will however miss the *mumble* thousands of dollars that used to be in my bank account. But I figure the new windows will eventually pay for themselves, both in energy savings and in not dislocating a shoulder any time I want to open or close a window!)

ANYWAY. So yeah, this business that I started kinda by accident in 2003 and then quit my last RealJob™ job to do full-time in 2005 officially turned 14 when I wasn't paying attention and... I am not sure how that happened? But I do know that I have really awesome customers and I love you all and I would totally bake you all a cake if I could figure out how to mail it.

Since I didn't plan anything for the anniversary sale, I'm kinda making it up as I go along today. But for starters, I've:

  • marked a bunch of stuff down to $14 and will continue doing so as the mood strikes between now and November 14th so keep an eye on the clearance section,

  • and there are 14th Anniversary Surprise Shinies available for $14,

  • and coupon code 14YAY will take $14 off orders of $41 or more (excluding the $14 Anniversary Surprise Shinies, subscriptions, and custom work, sorry... but everything else is fair game!)

  • and... who knows what else might happen! I certainly don't!

Also please enjoy this photo of Smol Panther having An Anger in the washcloth basket while being locked in the upstairs bathroom yesterday while the windows were being installed! She also bit a roll of toilet paper to express her displeasure. Repeatedly. 


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Trick or Treat!

Throwback to that time when I was so punchy from sleep deprivation that I duct taped a package of frozen peas to a bucket and fake sunflowers to the back of the baby's onesie and announced that we were Plants Vs Zombies for Halloween...

I am mercifully much less sleep deprived these days (usually) but tonight I am going trick-or-treating in the rain which is going to be SUPER FUN but at least my kid is very good about keeping me bribed well-supplied with Reece's Cups.

Speaking of bribery treats, today is the last day to use the TRICK or TREAT coupon codes! TRICK gets you a tiny tricksy labradorite pendant with any order of $35 or more (and there are only a couple of those left so if you want one you shouldn't dawdle) and TREAT takes $20 off any order of $55 or more. This sale ends at 11:59pm Eastern Time tonight, although TRICK could end sooner if I run out of the labradorite pendants, which is a distinct possibility at this point.

(You can't combine them on the same order, but you CAN place two separate orders, should you be in the mood for lots of shinies. Just sayin'.)

And in the meantime, I will be over here working on this year's Bauble design, which goes live tomorrow. It greatly pains me to be contributing to the whole Christmas-decorations-on-sale-before-Thanksgiving thing, but people like to plan ahead with jewelry purchases, and a bunch of my customers don't live in the US and thus it can take upwards of a month for them to get their shinies, and replacing all the windows on the first floor of a 1900 Victorian is expensive, soooooo... this is me, contributing to the over-commercialization of holidays! 

(If it makes you feel better, I never get around to wrapping Hanukkah presents until about an hour before sunset on the first night...)

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Monday Mor... erm, Tuesday Afternoon Roundup: Halloween edition

HELLO WORLD! I survived the High Holy Days (for some definition of the word survived) and have been busily wrangling contractors and buying a leafblower and trying to get a pain flare under control and dealing with all sorts of VERY FUN THINGS EVER SINCE ALSO DID YOU KNOW THAT OCTOBER 22 IS CAPSLOCK DAY? NOW YOU DO!

Onwards! Here's what's new and/or exciting:

  • $5 Surprise Pendants are now available! Much like the $5 Surprise Earrings, you won't know exactly what you're getting until you open the package, but at that price, you can hardly go wrong. Also they make great gifts! And if you buy five you get one free!

  • Speaking of gifts, you can now add lovely sparkly gift bags to your order if some of the items are destined for other people and you don't want to try to figure out where you stashed the wrapping paper! (And if you know where I stashed all of my wrapping paper, please let me know because the only roll I can find is Christmas-themed with penguins on a pink background, which is slightly awkward since I'm Jewish and usually the only time I wrap presents is Hannukah and birthdays.)

  • I got in all 200 or so organza wings a while back and so the On Fluttering Wings series has been expanded, with more to come tomorrow, and yes I will be restocking the purple ones that are sold out.

  • Y'all, these beads are so gorgeous I can't even. And the photos really don't do them justice.

  • Halloween is rapidly approaching! And while I will be wrangling small children who are hopped up on sugar not once but twice (because I'm not entirely right in the brainpan) you can choose between two coupon codes: TRICK will magically transform the price for one of these sweet little tricksy labradorite pendants from $100 to FREE on any order of $35 or more - which will also get you free US shipping! - or TREAT gets you take $20 off any order of $55 or more. Which, uh, also gets you free US shipping! 

  • You can't stack coupon codes, but you CAN place more than one order on any given day I'M JUST SAYIN' and I'll combine them into one package for you so your mail carrier and/or spouse won't get overly suspicious about the number of shiny red bubble mailers coming to your house. 

  • Both* coupon codes are good until midnight eastern time on October 31st, at which point I will probably have turned into a pumpkin. Or possibly be contemplating turning small children into pumpkins. Or both. 

...speaking of small children, I have to go retrieve mine from school now. 

* I only have enough of those labradorite beads to make twenty pendants, so there's a possibility that the TRICK code could stop working prior to the 31st. Which is to say that if you want one, probably you shouldn't dawdle too much. 

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Monday Morning Roundup: make ALLLLLLLL the shinies!

"Dis MY sunpuddle. I sleeps here. You takes photos somewhere else. Also I keeps dis box of papers, k?"

...this is an argument I have pretty much every afternoon, as the cats feel that all of the sunlight is rightfully THEIRS, and are very offended that sometimes I need to use it for work. 

Anyway! It's Monday! The short human is at school! And today I am launching full-speed into Operation Stop Getting Distracted At Work, which means that I have locked myself out of my phone for everything except the handful of apps I actually need. Which means that I will NOT see anything on FB or Twitter in a timely manner, so if you need to reach me about something time-sensitive, please email! (kythryne @ wyrdingstudios . com) I will be checking social media 2-3 times a day, before and after work and sometimes on my lunch break, but for the sake of my sanity and my attention span, the rest of the time they are Strictly Forbidden to me.

In no particular order, a recap of last week:

  • I made a lot of shiniesI am actively working on kicking my production volume up several notches, Because Reasons. *headdesk, repeatedly* (Hence also trying to get my OH LOOK A BUTTERFLY tendencies under slightly better control. YAY ADULTING.)

  • Many of which were spirals because I am just a tiny bit obsessed

  • and when they weren't spirals they were usually Sundering Persephone pieces and yes I know most of those are sold out already DON'T WORRY I AM MAKING MORE TODAY

  • You can now request extra business cards to make it easier than ever to enable your friends, family members, co-workers, and random people on the street! No purchase necessary - I'm happy to pop a handful into an envelope and stick a first-class stamp on it. (Although you can absolutely also add some to any order, in which case they'll go in the padded mailer with the rest of your goodies.)

Also in no particular order, things I am up to this week:

  • Making a lot of shinies, particularly more Sundering Persephone pieces, but also Halloween stuff will start showing up this week because I'm planning ahead for once! (Also it's never too early for Halloween.) Also ALL THE AUTUMNY COLORS EVER and yes that also means it's time for me to start sticking things in acorn caps again. 

  • Instant Gratification on Wednesday from 9am to 4pm! Shinies made while you wait, more or less. I might do a livestream, we'll see. If you'd like to get in the queue now, please EMAIL your requests (kythryne @ wyrdingstudios . com) to me; I need to know what you want, how big it should be, and how much you want to spend on it. $10 minimum, $50 maximum, one request per person please, and please be specific because I am very bad at mind-reading.
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