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27 April 2021

April Roundup: still no tentacles

I got my second covid vaccination on Friday, and while I'm grateful that this one didn't take me out for a week like the first shot did, I am quite annoyed to report that I do not have any tentacles, nor a prehensile tail, nor 5G or bluetooth or any of the many other things I was told I would get. Apparently I have to settle for just not dying and helping to stop the spread of a pandemic or something. Hrmphf.
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22 December 2020

December, with delays

So I, uh... kinda lost the first half of December to a bad drug reaction that I didn't realize was a bad reaction until it finally dawned on me that two solid weeks of horrendously painful migraines and cognitive impairment was a bit unusual even for me and OH HEY it's also been two weeks since I started taking this new thing and maybe there's a connection? 
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1 November 2020

15th Anniversary Sale!

15 years ago I started a business with a brand-new set gof Lindstrom pliers, a relatively small quantity of beads, and a folding table in one corner of my living room - note the conspicuous lack of words like "business plan" or "any idea what I was doing" in that list. I've been figuring it out as I go along ever since, and I am so, SO grateful to everyone who's supported me along the way.
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28 October 2020

2020 Holiday shipping deadlines

This is the earliest I've ever posted shipping deadlines, and I know nobody wants to be thinking about Hanukkah/Christmas/etc yet, but given the unprecedented USPS delays I've been experiencing and my extremely unpredictable health, here we go:
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