status report: almost back to normal

Badly injuring myself while attempting to hang up a new piece of art in my studio was NOT on the agenda for last week, but I'm down to just a single steri-strip on the afflicted finger now and should be back at the workbench tomorrow, and, well... the website redesign is pretty much done way ahead of schedule?

Everything should work normally now, although there may still be some broken links or weirdly formatted pages floating around. Subscriptions are now live on the new billing system and that's getting tested tomorrow - if you have an active Earring Club or Six Months of Shiny subscription, you'll be getting an email from me in a couple of weeks plus a reminder note in your next couple of shipments. I'm aiming to have everybody transitioned to the new system by the end of the year.

(Pretty Rocks Club folks, you're all set - that one doesn't auto-renew at the end of the year so if you plan to stick around for 2024 you'll just sign up again in December.)

At least the art is very pretty? The culprit is the frame on the far right, which is a print from Amanda Langford. Highly recommend the artist and the artwork, do not recommend being clumsy while framing artwork.

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