99 bugs in the code on the wall

(actual photo of me after a week of working on the website redesign)

🎵 99 bugs in the code on the wall 🎶
🎵 99 bugs in the code 🎶
🎵 you take one down, pass it around 🎶
🎵 106 bugs in the code on the wall 🎶

Thus far this week I've tried and rejected something like seven different subscription apps. The latest one currently isn't working at ALL but their tech support is outstanding so... hopefully this will be the last attempt?

(Apparently I have encountered a bug that shouldn't exist. The tech support guy who's been working on it for the past hour and a half has bounced it up to the app devs and says I should hear back within 24 hours. I am impressed enough that I'm pretty sure I'll be sticking with this one if they're able to fix the problem.)

I'm going to take a nap and then head to the workbench. Big autumnal update coming next week!

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