website redesign is (mostly) live

It was getting to the point where I'd done as much as I could behind the scenes and needed to make changes that would mess up the old layout... so I went ahead and rolled out the new one.

The cart and checkout SHOULD work, although they haven't been tested. There's a new thingie in the cart that lets you pick what type of sticker and/or giftie you'd like, and that hasn't been tested yet either but it seems to be working. If you place an order and DON'T get the normal email confirmation within a few minutes, poke me and I'll figure out what went wrong.

...aaaaand I still have to update all the email templates. *adds to never-ending list*

There are undoubtedly broken links and I know at least two pages are a complete mess right now but I'm too tired to fix it tonight. Filtering by type of product is wonky but I think semi-usable. And you can't actually sign up for any subscriptions at the moment - that's actually next on the list to be fixed.

(Existing subscriptions are unaffected for the moment, but I am switching all subscriptions to a new rebilling service because the one I'm using has annoyed me one too many times AND had the audacity to more than double in price, so...YEET.  Once I get things working properly, you'll get an email from me with details on switching.)

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