Thursday’s Bonus Deal

Today’s bonus deal is the Earring Club and it’s available to both new and existing subscribers! If you sign up this week, your first shipment will contain a second pair of custom earrings. 

Bonus perk of being a subscriber: you can get unlimited free shipping as long as you’re willing to wait and have your shinies sent with your next subscription shipment!

New subscribers: just do the clickity credit card thing and fill out the preferences survey and you’ll be all set.

Existing subscribers: you’ll need to have me cancel your current subscription and then you can sign up again. Just email or message me to get started.

(I switched to a new subscription management service last month and haven’t migrated any of you over yet because that is A Hecking Process so yes I’m totally bribing you with additional shinies in hopes of not having to actually do the migration at all.)

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