new shinies!



I just added 15 new shinies to the store - a mix of pendants, earrings, and necklaces, including the the first of this year's April Showers pendants - a classic limited edition that first launched ten years ago!

If you browse back a page or two on the Ready To Ship category, you'll also notice some vintage-inspired cocktail rings, a few pairs of earrings, and an ancient Roman coin pendant that I snuck onto the website at various points in the past two weeks - I've been experimenting with adding things to the store as I make them some of the time, rather than putting them all up at once the way I usually do.

(What do you prefer - all at once every week or so, or as I go along? It used to be so time-consuming to get things on the website that I had to batch them, but now that I can do almost all of it from my phone, it's easier for me to put things up right away.)


Tonight I'm off to my adult B'nai Mitzvah class where I'll probably be practicing chanting my Torah portion in front of all my classmates (meep!) and then to Manchester to compete in the first round of Slam Free or Die semi-finals (double meep!). Tomorrow Miles and I are heading to NYC for the weekend to visit friends and go bead shopping and eat many delicious foods that are not available in New Hampshire. I AM EXCITE. There will be many photos on Twitter

(I made the mistake of telling Miles about the trip on Tuesday, and had to deal with multiple tantrums that night because she wanted to go RIGHT NOW and it wasn't fair that I was making her wait ELEVEN HUNDRED YEARS until Friday. Also you should know that I am the worst parent ever because I won't let her have cake for dinner every night and her sparkly shoes don't make rainbows in the dark and I won't let her stay up reading until midnight because I am the meanest. And the dogs LOOKED AT HER can you even believe how hard life is when you're five?)

I'll be doing a shipment in the morning before we leave, but if your order comes in after 8 am Friday, please know that it probably won't ship until Tuesday or Wednesday, because the cats don't have thumbs and I can't pack things by telekinesis. It'd be nice if I could, though.

Have a great weekend!

- Kythryne

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