30% off everything, because lawyers and taxes

Today has been ...fun. For the definition of fun that involves having a child home sick with pinkeye, learning I probably need to pay the IRS several thousand dollars more than I expected, and calling my lawyer.

(Which is to say that today has not been at all fun, actually, and possibly I have taken Valium and am contemplating the merits of M&Ms for dinner.)

But! I have lots of shinies languishing in the (newly re-organized) inventory bins right now, so today through Friday, you can take 30% off your entire order* with coupon code TAXSALE. And as always, US orders over $50 ship for free and you get a present!

(It might also interest you to know that I recently acquired some nifty new beads to make into new gifties. Which I'm going to do tonight, because making gifties while watching tv shows that involve things going boom every few minutes is very soothing.)

So... let's do this thing. Tell your friends. Tell your co-workers. Tell Facebook and Twitter and wherever else you wacky kids hang out these days on the intertubes. Tell random people on the street!

(Okay, maybe not that last one. Unless they ask where you got your shinies, in which case by all means please feel free to give them one of my business cards or write my website down on their arm or something.)

* Obligatory Fine Print: the discount code won't work on the Earring Club, sorry, but if you sign up this week I'll send you a bonus pair of earrings in your first shipment. And I just got some REALLY great new beads that Earring Club subscribers get to see before anyone else, so you probably want to do that anyway. I'm just sayin'.)

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