the new normal

It's been slightly less than a month since I made the decision to move my workspace to downstairs, and I'm getting into a fairly stable routine despite the disruptions of Passover and school vacation week. 

Along with moving where I work, I've been changing how I work: instead of doing a big update every time I have 15 - 20 shinies ready to list, I'm just popping them into the store as I go along. Batching the work used to make sense given that the photography took time to set up; now I can just grab my phone, snap a photo, and off we go. I've also noticed that people no longer stalk updates to see what I've done, but seem to prefer to watch what I'm making and try to snag specific things that catch their fancy.

So... that's the new normal. I don't think I've entirely abandoned doing store updates - certainly some of my seasonal collections are best handled by making the entire collection and releasing it on a specific date. And sometimes (as in this photo) I end up with a small pile of shinies that I made late at night or over the weekend, when I didn't really have time to put them online. I've experimented a little with putting them up one-at-a-time over a few days vs batching them, and there are benefits and drawbacks to both methods. 

I'm still figuring it out, and that's okay. Adapt or perish, and all that. 

How is it working out for you? I'd like to hear your thoughts on posting-shinies-as-I-go vs batching them into updates.

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