stand back, I'm going to do technology

A few weeks ago I realized that the batter-powered wire strands of LED lights would be amazing woven into wire necklaces and tiaras. So I ran out and bought some, and I made a necklace, and people pretty much fell all over themselves scrambling to be beta-testers for me.

The reports are overwhelmingly positive so far, so... they're going into production very soon. I am excited! The battery packs are small and can be tucked up into your hair (as shown in the middle photo above) or just left dangling inside your shirt at the back of your neck. 

If you'd like to be on a waitlist for the first batch, just let me know. They'll be priced between $65 and $95 depending on complexity. Right now I only have white LEDs on silver wire, but I can also get colored LEDs and copper wire strands upon request, although they'll likely be more expensive.

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