Status update

First of all: THANK YOU. I can't tell you how many times this week I had to fight back tears because of all the kind notes, orders, and overwhelming support coming at me from all directions. I asked, and the universe answered resoundingly loudly. Thank you. I will do absolutely everything I can to live up to your faith in me in the coming days and years.

Second: my lawyer was paid in full Thursday morning. He was worth every single penny, not just for helping me negotiate a settlement that was fair to everyone and kept Miles's best interests at heart, but for being a genuinely kind and compassionate human being who cares profoundly about the emotional wellbeing of his clients. Being able to promptly pay him for his work was at the very top of my priority list, because he was one of the people who made a horrible situation easier. 

Third: Depending on what I hear from my accountant on Monday regarding the money I owe the IRS, I will either be able to pay the back property taxes in full this week or pay off enough that I will easily be able to cover the rest before the May 15th deadline to avoid having a lien imposed. 

Fourth: Orders that didn't involve neckvines or mindfulness pendants have all shipped; orders that involved neckvines have been processed and will be dropped at the post office first thing Monday morning, and orders that involve mindfulness pendants will go out Tuesday or Wednesday.

Fifth: Thank you and welcome to all the new Earring Club subscribers! I'm in the process of making sure I have preference profiles for all of you and getting you set up in the database where I track your preferences and shipment history, and tomorrow I will be buying the beads for the special exclusive bonus earrings. Your first shipment should go out next week, hopefully no later than Friday. Subsequent months will usually ship more promptly.

Sixth: Website update of as-of-yet-undetermined size tomorrow night! Some of it will be the items that accompany the poem in Unwritten Stories #2; I also just got a bag of inventory back from a local store that went out of business last month and whatever is in there is going into the clearance section tomorrow. The 25% coupon code will still work.

Seventh: Instant Gratification on Tuesday! Did you miss out on something when the website sold out? I can probably make you something similar! Go sign up now! (The coupon code does not apply to these items, sorry -  but it is a "name your price" session which means you get to set a budget anywhere between $5 and $50 and I'll work with you to figure out a way to make what you want at a price you can afford.)

Eighth: I am so tired and you have no idea how much I want to be asleep right now, but I have shinies to make and two more episodes of Agents of S.H.E.I.D. to watch, so it's not bedtime yet.

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