New shinies, $9 pendants, and a status update about status updates.

First: NEW SHINIES! This update is half of the 24 items made especially to accompany Unwritten Stories #2, which is either one long and obstinate poem that can't make up its mind about the shape it wants to take or 24 intertwined micropoems... about astrophysics, technology, creativity, magic, and space travel. Read on to find out how you can get a free advance copy of this issue before it's available to the general public!

Last week was a rollercoaster, to put it mildly. The full story is at that link, but to quickly give you the highlights: 

Now, some accountability stuff:

My lawyer was paid in full Thursday morning. Depending on what I hear from my accountant on Monday regarding the money I owe the IRS, I will either be able to pay the back property taxes in full this week or pay off enough that I will easily be able to cover the rest before the May 15th deadline to avoid having a lien imposed. Money's still going to be tight for a while, but thanks to everyone who stepped in, I definitely don't have to worry about groceries and the mortgage. Thank you.

And here's what's up with orders from last week:

With a very few exceptions, all orders that didn't involve neckvines or mindfulness pendants have been shipped; orders that involved neckvines have been processed and will be dropped at the post office Monday morning, and orders that involve mindfulness pendants will go out Tuesday or Wednesday. Subscriptions should go out by Friday. Orders that come in tonight and tomorrow will go out in Wednesday's shipment along with Instant Gratification orders, unless they involve neckvines or mindfulness pendants, in which case they'll go out as fast as humanly possible. 

Now, I sleep. You are all wonderful and I love you and I have to take my son to school in four hours. Send coffee please.

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