2021 Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Supply chain issues abound, the USPS is still a hot mess a lot of the time, my health remains extremely unpredictable, and Hanukkah is hecking early this year, so: 

    If you live in the US and/or are having things sent to an address that is in the US:

    • If you would like your shinies to arrive before Hannukah (November 28th), the order must be placed no later than Wednesday, November 10thEarlier would be better. Oy vey, but at least there are gift cards.
    • If you would like your shinies to arrive before Solstice/the first night of Yule (December 21) or Christmas Eve (December 24) the order must be placed no later than Wednesday, December 8th. Again, earlier would be better. Priority Mail is usually a little faster than first class (especially if it's going to the west coast) and you'll be given the option to choose that at checkout if you want, but EVERYTHING is running slow right now.

    • If you would like your shinies to arrive in time for a holiday not on this list, consult a calendar and count backwards three weeks from when you want it to arrive. 
    • If you somehow manage to forget about the existence of Christmas until December 19th, which somebody does nearly every year (how? how is that possible? do you live under a rock??) your options will be a gift certificate or a larger gift certificate

    If you live outside the US and/or are having things sent to an address that is outside the US:

    I will happily scribble "do not open until WINTER_HOLIDAY" on the outside of packages if you ask (replying to your order confirmation email is the best way to do that) and giftwrapping is also available. I do not use packing slips or anything else that would reveal your identity or how much you paid for something, but I will happily include a personalized note upon request.

    If you're planning to order a bunch of necklines or intent pendants or open edition earrings or $5 surprise earrings/pendants (in other words, stuff that I need to make) it would be a really good idea to not wait until the deadline; I'll do my best, but covid left me with lung issues that can take me out for days at a time with zero warning. 

    Also, please remember that I do not do Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. My normal prices are already pretty low, and if you're on a really tight budget or just enjoy bargains (who doesn't?) I'd suggest checking out the clearance rack or the stuff in this section.

    (Photo by Kindel Media)

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