(Obligatory TL;dr: I have opinions about things, coupon code LOVE2018 takes 20% off everything for the next 24 hours, also $15 mystery rose quartz pendants)
Okay, so. Valentine's Day.
Let's not even get me started about it (seriously, let's not, I have other things to do today) but suffice it to say that I'm not a big fan of holidays that involve quasi-obligatory gift-giving. (I'm probably not supposed to say things like that given what I do for a living, but eh, I'm slightly loopy from muscle relaxants after having a whole bunch of ribs and vertebrae popped back into place by my chiropractor this morning, let's blame it on the meds.) Also for something like the tenth year in a row I totally failed at planning any marketing PRIOR to Valentine's Day, so even if I wanted to run a sale to take advantage of the holiday, well, too late now.
 Instead, I'd like to invite you to flip the narrative: make some space to give yourself something today. Loving yourself is lot harder than loving other people, usually, and tends to get de-prioritized in favor of... well, pretty much everybody and everything else. And that gets exhausting after a while.
It doesn't have to be a material thing (although if you want chocolate, by all means go buy yourself some chocolate, and I think this is the point where I'm supposed tell you that coupon code LOVE2018 is a thing that exists as of five minutes ago, if you happen to want to buy yourself a shiny thing IS THIS HOW MARKETING WORKS AM I MARKETING CORRECTLY??) or anything fancy. Maybe read an extra chapter in your book, or cook your favorite thing for dinner, or go to bed earlier than usual. Dig out the nail polish or a coloring book, if that's your thing.
You know what you like. Make some space for that today, whatever it is.
Me? I'm going to bed as soon as I can manage to wrangle my undoubtably hopped-up-on-sugar kid into bed tonight, because sleep is AWESOME. Also I might have mashed potatoes for dinner.
(What? It's one of the perks of being an adult.)
Oh, and that rose quartz in the photo? It's getting turned into $15 mystery rose quartz pendants, because [insert a lot of woo about rose quartz being a stone that teaches you to love yourself here] and also because it's pretty and I've been meaning to do something with it for a while now. And also because I am not entirely immune to societal pressure and felt vaguely compelled to do something pink today LOOK I NEVER SAID I MADE SENSE OKAY.
...probably I should go lie back down now. I'm not used to having these ribs where they belong and also I think I might have slightly underestimated my ability to words coherently today.
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