store update

30 new items in the store tonight, and I think you'll notice a pretty huge difference in the photos of this week's update: upon hearing that I was having trouble with photography due to hand tremors, my mother-in-law very generously gifted me her old Nikon D5000. I've been happy enough shooting on a Nikon D40 for nearly 10 years, but I was astounded at the difference lens stabilization made - it's a joy to work with this camera, and I can't wait to see what it does with opals and labradorite. Thank you, Randi!

New to WS this week: a small selection of earcuffs! A customer recently asked me if I could make one for her, and when I posted previews of some of the prototypes on Twitter, there was a great clamoring for me to put them into production. In addition to the simple ones in the store right now, I've begun experimenting with elaborate woven wire "elf ears" - the prototype of that design was purchased almost before I could finish making it.

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