While I'm working on the photos of the newest shinies, here's a challenge for you: go find the oldest WS shinies that you own and take me on a trip down memory lane! 

Here's a snapshot to kick us off - the pendant in the middle is the first piece I ever made in what eventually became my signature wirework technique. (Below it is my You Are Here pendant, significantly reworked earlier this year - I keep meaning to write something about how talisman jewelry can evolve over time - and above it is my Magen David made from a rocket.)

Post your photos on Twitter and/or Instagram with the hashtag #WS10 and tag @wyrdingstudios. Every photo you post is an entry into the giveaway for this pendant from my personal collection, circa 2005 - a quartz crystal pendant from the very first Intermittent Mysteries project. I love seeing where my shinies have ended up over the years!

Fine print: to be a valid contest entry, your photo must 1) be of a piece of Wyrding Studios jewelry that you own or previously owned, 2) be posted on Twitter and/or Instagram with the hashtag #WS10, and 3) tagged with @wyrdingstudios. Crossposted photos count as two entries. You may post as many entries as you have pieces of jewelry. If your account is locked and I'm not following you, I won't be able to see it and I can't count it! One winner will be randomly drawn from all entries on Sunday, November 8th, 2015.)

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