In Which The Bin Of Going Away Begins To Go Away



When I did the annual Epic Studio Reorganization a few weeks ago, I came to the realization that after ten years of wholesale bead buying, I had too many beads. So I found one of those big plastic storage bins, put it in the center of the room, and dubbed it The Bin Of Going Away. And then I ruthlessly #konmari'd the studio and everything that didn't spark joy in me anymore went in the bin. 

(Sorry. I know. But it works for my ADHD brain in a way that nothing else ever has, and things are finally GETTING ORGANIZED AROUND HERE, and it's really pretty great. You should see my bedroom closet and my underwear drawer... okay, no, we're getting too personal, never mind. BUT I CAN FIND THINGS WITHOUT TURNING THE ENTIRE HOUSE INSIDE OUT AND ZOMG THAT IS SO AWESOME.)

Anyway. Where was I? It's late. (SQUIRREL???) Right. Beads. The Bin Of Going Away. Squirrels.

So I made you some destash bags. I can almost guarantee that if you buy two or more bags, you will find at least one WTF-worthy thing in there. I mean, there were polymer clay garden slugs in The Bin Of Going Away. There were things that I have absolutely no recollection of obtaining. Ten years of being a magpie is a long time, y'all.

There are also destash boxes, in which I shoved loosely-themed collections of random stuff into flat-rate boxes for your enjoyment, and then named the boxes things like "I Don't Have The Patience For This" and "Ye Olde Junke Drawere" and "Dragon Starter Kit" and "Chaos?" and if you like detangling things hoooooboy do I have something to keep you busy for a while. 

Go forth and enjoy the destash! I will take your money and use it to buy more beads, because obviously the circle of life must continue.

( But please do pay attention to the part about the cart not calculating combined shipping on these - I'm more than happy to stuff any combination of grab bags and destash boxes into a larger flat-rate priority box, but it'll cost more and I'm actually going to have to take the boxes and bags in question and stuff them into a larger box to figure out which one you need, and then I can tell you how much it'll actually cost to ship. Or if you absolutely must have THAT box and THAT box and THAT box too, you can go ahead and order and when I wake up and am caffeinated tomorrow I'll figure out how much shipping is going to cost and we can settle up via PayPal or something. Sound good? Good, because I'm super tired and how does English?)

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