February Instant Gratification Monday signup post

This is the signup post for February's Instant Gratification Monday session! I will be doing simple custom work from approximately 10 am to 4pm on Monday, February 1st. I will be livetweeting the pieces as I make them - follow @wyrdingstudios on twitter for shiny picspam and other randomness!

If you can describe what you in one paragraph and I have the necessary materials in stock, I will make it for you! Simple is the operative word - I should be able to look at your request and immediately start working without having to ask for more information. Please be as specific as possible about what you want and how much you want to spend. (I am bad at mind-reading.)

As always, Instant Gratification is a choose-your-own budget adventure; there is a $5 minimum and a $50 maximum for these pieces, but I'm happy to work with you to create something lovely at any point in that range. Sometimes that means substituting glass for expensive stones, sometimes it means using a smaller stone - I'm good at finding ways to stay within any budget.

I will reply to your request with a link to a reserved-for-you listing in the store. I do ask that you either pay for your item or let me know that it's not to your liking within 48 hours. Any unpaid items will be made available to the general public on Friday, February 5th. Orders paid by 4pm Monday will ship Tuesday morning. 

Caveats and restrictions: I'm limited to the materials I have in stock (but since I stock over a thousand varieties of shiny objects, that's not much of a restriction) and I reserve the right to limit this to a maximum of 15 requests and one item per person, as well as to say "that needs to be a regular commission" for any requests that are too complex or time-consuming for this format. 

Requests are open as of now and will remain open until approximately 2pm on Monday or when we hit the 15-request cap, whichever comes first. Tell me what you'd like and how much you want to spend and I will do my best to make it for you. I will be working through requests in a roughly first-come, first-served basis.

 Please remember to check back on Monday to get your link! You can also tweet your request to @wyrdingstudios or email it to kythryne@wyrdingstudios.com.  Please DO NOT use Facebook messaging - I find that to be extremely unreliable and I would hate to miss your request because I don't see it in time.

Need inspiration? Take a look around the store, search the old website archive or browse through a decade of photos on Flickr.

(Photo by Brooklyn Logan/Mindful Mama.)

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