Anniversary Week Schedule

Wyrding Studios is old enough to drive! As is the tradition, the anniversary shenanigans will be spread out over a full week, with discounts getting progressively deeper as the week goes on. 

Here's a rough schedule of events for the rest of the week:

  • Most shinies are now 20% off - including neckvines today and tomorrow, which rarely go on sale! - and the discount will go to to 30% on Wednesday, 35% on Friday, and 40% at some point on Saturday night. (Neckvines won't be discounted beyond 20% off, sorry.)  No coupon code needed, discounts will show up in your cart automatically. 

  • The Oracle of Random Numbers will likely make an appearance at some point over the weekend.

  • I'll be doing livestreams for Instant Gratification custom work on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and the signup form for that is right here.

  • There will be some sort of Earring Club promo over the weekend, in addition to the standard $5-for-your-first-month offer; subscribing now will also let you lock in the current $25/month price, because at some point next year I expect to have to raise the price for the first time in 15 years.
  • In addition to the $10 grab bags that I'm currently offering, I'm going to be offering special $5 choose-your-own-adventure grab bags: you give me a color, or a stone, or a word, or an idea, and I'll fill up a 3x2 inch baggie with... something? Pretty much ANYTHING I have on hand that will fit into the bag could end up in them, and I promise it will be at least $5 worth of nifty stuff. Those should go live tomorrow.

  • Individual months of Pretty Rocks Club 2021 will become available for purchase at some point this week. Do I know when? No, no I do not. It'll depend mostly on how much the puppy naps, honestly.

  • As usual, every order placed during the sale week gets an exclusive giftie pendant; this year they're a pretty silvery-blue sparkly glass with really nifty faceting. See?
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