be kind, be brave

The past few days have been hard and exhausting. I have been making art, and singing, and trying to build bridges where I can. 

I believe that it is the sacred duty of artists to both stand witness to history and to work to heal the world. Tikkun olam, hiddur mitzvot - I've talked about both before. They are as integral to my work as the stones and wire, or my hands. As a Jew, I have an obligation to repair the world; as an artist, I have a responsibility to bring beauty into it at the same time. 

I am tired. I am heart-sore for our divided country, for the anger and fear everywhere I turn. I have no answers. But I have my work, and I have my music, and friends to love fiercely, and so I keep moving. Keep creating even when my hands are unsteady. Keep singing, even when my voice cracks and breaks. I tell myself that there is great beauty even in broken things, that the cracks are how the light gets in.

Be kind.

Be brave.

I leave you with a photo I took of the moon at 5:30 today, rising through the trees in the New England winter darkness. There are still a few leaves left on the branches, holding on somehow, and they are beautiful.

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