Be Your Own Valentine

I have a very fraught relationship with Valentine's Day: on one hand, I'm secretly a hopeless romantic; on the other hand, I'm presently single and more than a little jaded about relationships, and on the third hand (shut up, I never said I was logical or good at counting) I am really not a fan of holidays that manipulate people into spending money on things. (Yes, I know I run a retail business that relies on people being willing to spend money on things. See also "never said I was logical" and "I have taken a lot of sudafed today".)

So it's Valentine's Day, and I am sitting in bed with a bag of cherry m&ms and a box of tissues and the aforementioned sudafed because there are aliens trying to occupy my sinuses again, and I totally failed at pre-Valentine's Day marketing for something like the seventh year in a row, and I have decided that it's time for a Be Your Own Valentine Sale.

Everything in the ready-to-ship section is 25% off with coupon code BYOV. Go get yourself a little something if you want. Or get something for somebody you love, whether romantically or platonically or whatever. (Smash the patriarchy and all that.)

I'm hoping the sinus aliens will be gone by the time I wake up in the morning, because I have shipping to do before the next blizzard arrives. So much shipping. I finally located my car underneath about a foot of snow today and the snowbanks are truly impressive at the moment. if you hear reports of a woman setting snowbanks on fire in New Hampshire, it's probably me. I know I have a blowtorch around here somewhere...

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