December, with delays

So I, uh... kinda lost the first half of December to a bad drug reaction that I didn't realize was a bad reaction until it finally dawned on me that two solid weeks of horrendously painful migraines and cognitive impairment was a bit unusual even for me and OH HEY it's also been two weeks since I started taking this new thing and maybe there's a connection? 

(Ironically, it was something that a lot of long-haulers are finding tremendously helpful in clearing up the post-covid brainfog. Once again I am a Very Medically Interesting, apparently.)

I managed to more or less stay on top of shipping (and I don't THINK I sent anybody the wrong thing? But if I did please let me know and I'll make it right) but I'm waaaaaay behind on custom work and emails - I'm trying to work through that backlog this week.

Assorted things of note at the moment:

  • International shipping rates have gone up rather a lot, I'm afraid - USPS cranked their rates up a while back and I didn't notice until the other day when I went to ship something and did a double-take at the price. 

  • USPS transit times have slowed to a crawl, and packages aren't being scanned in and out of hubs so things often appear to be not moving at all - so far nothing's truly gone missing, but things are taking significantly longer than usual to arrive. A friend who works for USPS says they're handling approximately 3 times their normal holiday volume this year while also being seriously short-staffed due to covid. Please please please continue to be patient with them - they're trying their very best and stuff IS usually getting through eventually.

  • Need a last-minute gift that doesn't have to be shipped? I have gift cards

  • Pretty Rocks Club is still open for signups! And you can still enter to win the amazing necklace! 

  • You can also order the December Pretty Rocks Club (boulder opal!) if you weren't a subscriber this year. This is possibly my favorite of all, and the photos of the beads really don't do them justice at all.

  • I'm planning to take at least a few days completely off work for non-health-related purposes before the end of the year - probably from the 26th through the 30th. The end-of-year clearance sale WILL happen as usual, though, and I'll probably start discounting things on the 25th.

  • I want to do another intention-setting project like I've done over December 31st/January 1st the past couple of years ("at the turning of the year" and "as you mean to go on") but I'm honestly not sure yet if I'm physically up to it this year. If I decide to go for it, signups will open sometime this weekend and I'll be shipping during the first week of January.
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