did I mention there's a sale happening?

There is totally a sale happening. By the end of the day I expect to actually be able to fit everything into the inventory bins again, which will no doubt disappoint the cats.

(Many things disappoint the cats, so don't feel too sorry for them.)

An unexpected bonus of doing the sale during school vacation week is that I was able to put a certain six-year-old to work. $2 an hour plus a granola bar is apparently the going rate for child labor these days. That seems entirely reasonable, especially considering that it also doubles as reading practice...

(And hand-eye coordination. A few more of these, and she'll be as much of a pro at setting up Priority boxes as I am...)

The sale continues through Sunday night, and I might get in a markdown sort of mood over the weekend. We'll see how loopy I am by then. I'm no longer popping sudafed like candy and am considerably less perky-stream-of-conciousness as a result, and being a single parent during school vacation is basically like running a marathon for a week straight, only with more whining.

*blink* My folk music Pandora station just jumped from Joan Baez to Nat King Cole WHAT ARE THEIR ALGORITHMS SMOKING? 

...I'm going to go make the child pack up some more orders now. If you want to grab something, we'll be going to the post office around 4:30... coupon code APRIL takes 30% off everything. JUST SAYIN'.

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