yet I'm alive

trees have turned the leaves are nearly lost
one big breath and they'll be gone and I've known that for awhile
known that for awhile

It's a very gray rainy day outside, but I'm inside, with a mug of Earl Grey tea and dogs snoring on the rug at my feet, and for the first time in weeks I don't feel like I'm swimming through exhausted fog, because this year I remembered that I have seasonal depression in time to start my meds before the snow sets in. 

Last night this song came up on Pandora, and I immediately went on iTunes and bought a copy so I could play it on repeat for the rest of the night, because... yes. This is what I needed to hear at that particular moment.


The divorce drama that I thought was over and done has flared back up again, but I'm handling what I can and letting my lawyer deal with the rest. It is... exhausting.

Between that and the six weeks of respiratory infections leading into the High Holy Days (which, as a choir member, means singing six operas in the span of two weeks) it's been a rough few months. But I woke up clear-headed this morning, just in time to get ready for the WS Anniversary celebration. 

It's been eleven years since I quit my job in the non-profit world to go make art, and two and a half years since I filed for divorce and crossed my fingers and hoped I could survive as a single parent who makes art for a living. And we're doing okay, despite all the bumps in the road. 

I've built the road this far, done the best with the bricks that I had
done the best with the bricks that I had

I have a bunch of ideas up my sleeves for the Anniversary, and since I'm going to the post office this afternoon anyway, I'm going to kick it off a few days early with a flash sale: coupon code RAIN takes another 40% off the already discounted prices on everything in the clearance section.  It's good through midnight tonight, and then it turns back into a pumpkin.


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