hello world

(That tweet basically sums up my life over the past few days.)

No, I didn't get kidnapped by a horde of tiny robots, nor did I fall off the face of the earth: I just had a migraine for... like, two weeks. I'm not even sure, because it would sometimes stop for a few hours and then whack me upside the head again as soon as I thought I might be safe. It's been about 48 hours of only normal headaches now, so I think maybe it's finally gotten bored and left. 

The thing about being a self-employed single parent is that I don't really get to take sick days; I get to take pills. Fortunately my migraines are mostly just a whole lot of pain and noise sensitivity, and I'm reeeeally good at continuing to function normally-ish through pain (sometime ask me to tell you the story of how the L&D nurse refused to believe I was in hard labor because she'd never seen calmly keep talking through intense contractions the way I was, and then she hooked me up to the monitor and hastily summoned the midwife) so life goes on, just a little more slowly and wobbly than usual. 

(I probably owe you an email. I'm working on it.)

In tangentially related news, I'm getting braces soon, because my teeth and jaw are... well. Let's just say that the orthodontist looked at the scans of my mouth and my medical history and then basically said "HOOOBOY YOU CERTAINLY ARE VERY MEDICALLY INTERESTING, AREN'T YOU?" which is not exactly the sort of thing you want to hear from a medical professional even if it IS true. (Which it totally is.) But anyway, the verdict was that yes, I definitely need braces and probably fixing my bite will help with the migraines?

So then I gave him a lot of money and in a few weeks he gets to start torturing me. Expect a lot of whining and probably a bunch of jewelry made with teeth. (Not my own teeth. The dentist wouldn't let me keep the one I had to have yanked out a couple of years ago after it cracked in the middle of singing the Rosh Hashanah morning service, which is probably good because I WOULD have tried to wirewrap it while I was stoned on pain meds, and probably there are rules about biohazards and stuff. I don't know, I just work here.)

(Speaking of things I've wirewrapped, I wirewrapped my car's tailpipe the other day. It was kinda pretty, actually, and it was worth it just for the puzzled look on my mechanic's face when he got my car up on the lift.)

ANYWAY. (Squirrel?) That's pretty much why you haven't heard much from me for the past couple of weeks. On Tuesday I finally managed to have enough focus (oh look a butterfly) to help Claire package up her first wholesale order and deliver it to a shop downtown, but that's a separate blog post. Today I have about a zillion things to do, and this weekend friends of mine are getting married and also I still have to figure out which of a dozen red nail polishes goes best with my dress (#femmeproblems) and next week school starts up again HALLELUJAH.

Also at some point this week I'll be moving stuff into the clearance section and maybe there will be a clearance sale too. By which I mean you should probably watch your email on Friday and if you aren't already on the mailing list you can sign up *points down* somewhere on the bottom of this very website.

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