Instant Gratification signup post

EDIT, FRIDAY AFTERNOON: a migraine took me out this morning, but I’m working through requests now! I’ll leave signups open until Saturday afternoon, though  

Here’s where you can ask me to make a piece of custom jewelry for you during the Anniversary Party! You can also email me ( or Tweet at me, or leave a Facebook comment, or send me an owl. I don't recommend telepathy, though. I'll do my best to keep track of everything; if I don't reply in some manner by Friday morning to tell you that I have your request on the list, feel free to nudge me, because let's face it, it's a big internet out there. 

This is a choose-your-own-budget adventure; there is a $10 minimum and a $100 maximum and I'm happy to work with you to create something lovely at any point in that range. I'm good at finding ways to stay within any budget, so feel free to ask me for suggestions if you’ve seen a piece that you really love that’s totally out of your price range; I may be able to make you something similar with a less expensive stone or by simplifying a complex design.

Once your piece is done, I will reply to your comment with a link to a reserved-for-you listing in the store. (Please make sure to check back to get your link, as email notification doesn't always work properly.) If you don’t like what I’ve made, you’re under no obligation to buy it - you just have first dibs on it. I do ask that you either pay for your item or let me know that it's not to your liking by October 31st - any unpaid items will be made available to the general public after I get back from Wisconsin.

Caveats and restrictions: I'm limited to the materials I have in stock (but since I stock over a thousand varieties of shiny objects, that's not much of a restriction) and I reserve the right to limit this to a maximum of 15 requests and 1-2 items per person so I can get through all the requests by the end of the party. If I don’t have the necessary materials on hand, I’ll let you know and we can discuss having me order the materials for you; that will involve a deposit and a significantly longer turnaround time.

Requests are open as of now and will remain open until approximately 2pm on Friday or when we hit the 15-request cap, whichever comes first. Tell me what you'd like and how much you want to spend and I will do my best to make it for you! I will be working through requests in a roughly first-come, first-served basis, starting Friday morning.

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