Shipping delays

TL;dr: I have covid again, I’m quarantining all orders for 24 hours after packing them, and also I relapsed right after I tried to go back to work so now I’m back in bed and very mad about it.

So I got covid again (because hiding zombie bites covid symptoms is just a super normal part of life in America now, apparently?) and while it wasn’t nearly as bad as my 2020 infection thanks to vaccines and antivirals, it still knocked me on my butt for over a week. I’ve been mostly symptom-free since Monday, and am theoretically back at work today, but I keep having to stop and rest every couple of hours. Zero stars, do not recommend.

(Edit, June 4: …aaaand then my body went LOL NO and I relapsed badly enough to land me back in bed at least for the rest of the weekend. THIS CAN STOP ANY TIME NOW I AM VERY TIRED OF IT)

Shipping-wise, it’s my understanding that the risk of covid transmission via surfaces is so minimal as to be effectively non-existent - but just to be safe I will be quarantining all packed orders for 24 hours before handing them off to USPS, to ensure that the contents have at least 72 hours between being handled by me and being handled by you. (If you would prefer, I can also wait to pack your order until I’ve tested negative twice over the span of 48 hours - just reply to your order confirmation email if you’d like me to do that, and I’ll be happy to hold it until then.) I’ll continue that for at least the rest of this week and next week, but should be able to get back to normal after that.

I’m finishing up a wholesale order today and tomorrow, and once that’s done I’ll be able to tackle the commissions that have been sitting in my queue - if I owe you an email, please give me until the end of the week, but then feel free to poke me about it if I haven’t been in touch; I’m trying to make sure nothing slips through the cracks, but, well *gestures vaguely at everything* 

Happy Pride Month to my fellow members of the alphabet mafia and our allies - I utterly failed at engaging in rainbow capitalism remembering to release a Pride collection this year, but there are a handful of Stealth Pride pieces already up on the site if you rummage around, and it's entirely possible you'll also see some ridiculous rainbow pieces popping up over the next week or so. 

...and it's apparently naptime again because how very dare I want to remain upright for more than an hour at a time? If you need me, I'll just be trying to convince Zoe to let me have my pillow back.

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