last-chance shiny shopping

(actual photo of me without coffee during the holiday shipping season)

Need a few last-minute-ish shiny presents? I've got you covered: buy anything in the ready-to-ship section or the clearance section, get an item from the clearance section for 50% off when you use coupon code GIFTMAS18 - and yes, that does mean you COULD theoretically buy something inexpensive from the ready-to-ship section and get something considerably more expensive from the clearance section for half-price, I just checked to see if it works and it does. JUST SAYIN'.

Also! Allow me to remind you of the existence of the $5 Surprise Earrings! I highly recommend keeping a bunch of these on hand for those "oh I didn't realize we were exchanging gifts uh HANG ON" moments. (Not that I've ever had one of those moments and hastily raided my own inventory, nope, NOT ME I don't know what you're talking about.) Or for those pesky little "darn it why I don't I have any blue earrings" moments, or just because it's Tuesday. I don't judge.

I still owe everybody and their cousin and their cousin's puppy an email because there was Drama last week. But I'm almost caught up on shipping and subscriptions and hopefully there will be a last-chance Instant Gratification session on, uh *consults calendar* Wednesday or Thursday? 

(actual photo of me on December 19th when someone asks if there's still time to order a Christmas present)

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